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LivReady accident testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

I haven't been in an accident -- yet. But I printed my LivReady Emergency Information Card which I keep in my wallet for paramedic information if needed.

LivReady family testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

When my father died, his affairs were totally disorganized. It took hours to find his end of life desires. It would have been so simple with his records on LivReady!

LivReady business testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

I'm a small business owner and manage my own affairs. I worried if anything happened to me how would my wife find my business contacts and other files that would be so incredibly important. Putting everything on a LivReady flash drive solved my worries!

LivReady personal testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

What a relief! I just gathered together all my stuff -- insurance, banking, mortgage, passwords, health records, and even my will and "last wishes" and have it safely on my LivReady USB wallet card. Now with me for "just in case". Nice feeling!

LivReady personal testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

My anniversary cruise ended in Seattle and I urgently needed my bank account password and insurance information. LivReady made it very easy!

LivReady personal testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

Being a single parent, it's essential that my vital information is organized and easily accessible. If anything happened to me my young girls need to be protected! Having it safe and secure on my LivReady flash drive gives me peace-of-mind!

LivReady doctor testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

If my ER patient had his medical information accessible it could have speeded treatment.

Organize & securely save your vital information
on a USB wallet card, flash drive, or your computer.
Access when needed – wherever you are.

Livready in your wallet

How do I use LivReady?

Use our wallet USB card or keychain USB -- or your own flash drive -- to securely assemble and save your vital information for whenever needed.

  • Insert your LivReady USB device into your Windows
    computer or laptop, launch the software and enter the
    password you’ve created.
  • Select from the many folders displayed and enter as little or as much information as you want. Insert files and scans too.
  • Carry it with you. Your information is organized and safe and ready for any emergency or special need.
  • For remote access, upload to our secure cloud server to view your information from your iPhone, iPad or Android device (LivReady App needed) or access via our website.

Securely store & carry your vital information with you for just $29.95
( Download LivReady to your own flash drive for just $9.95 )

  • LivReady key
  • LivReady USB
Let's be real . . . these situations do happen! Be ready:
  • A fire, tornado, earthquake, flood, or other disaster destroys your at-home files, records, and documents.
  • A medical emergency and 911 responders need your contact information, health issues, and medications.
  • An unexpected death and your family needs your files and wishes, organized and secure.
  • You're out of town and need access to your insurance info, health records, important phone numbers and email contacts, passwords and logins, and other files.
  • Your files and records are disorganized, scattered, and lacking important information when needed.

LivReady helps you organize and save your vital information and files on a LivReady USB wallet card, flash drive – secure and accessible from any Windows USB or remotely from your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone.

Access your LivReady info using

"With LivReady, no matter where I am... at the office, driving my car, flying off on another trip... I have everything with me that's important. I literally have peace of mind in my pocket."