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LivReady accident testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

I haven't been in an accident -- yet. But I printed my LivReady Emergency Information Card which I keep in my wallet for paramedic information if needed.

LivReady family testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

When my father died, his affairs were totally disorganized. It took hours to find his end of life desires. It would have been so simple with his records on LivReady!

LivReady business testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

I'm a small business owner and manage my own affairs. I worried if anything happened to me how would my wife find my business contacts and other files that would be so incredibly important. Putting everything on a LivReady flash drive solved my worries!

LivReady personal testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

What a relief! I just gathered together all my stuff -- insurance, banking, mortgage, passwords, health records, and even my will and "last wishes" and have it safely on my LivReady USB wallet card. Now with me for "just in case". Nice feeling!

LivReady personal testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

My anniversary cruise ended in Seattle and I urgently needed my bank account password and insurance information. LivReady made it very easy!

LivReady personal testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

Being a single parent, it's essential that my vital information is organized and easily accessible. If anything happened to me my young girls need to be protected! Having it safe and secure on my LivReady flash drive gives me peace-of-mind!

LivReady doctor testimonial

LivReady - WHY I NEED IT

If my ER patient had his medical information accessible it could have speeded treatment.

How to Organize Your Medical Information

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How secure is the information I enter?

Before you enter any information you will be prompted to establish your password. The password you specify is used to encrypt your entered information and added files to very high military level encryption. It is extremely unlikely that anyone can breach your information with the technology we use. This high security is carried with your information when you backup your data, uploaded it to our cloud servers for remote retrieval, and during the entire remote viewing process (whether it be using our smartphone APP or on our web site).

What if I forget my password?

Don't let this happen! For your security even we do not have any way to retrieve your LivReady data for you. When you create your password write it down immediately and store safely -- maybe two copies with one to a trusted family member or advisor. If you are concerned about losing your card or forgetting your password you can print the data you have entered (except any files or scans that you added).

Can I change my password?

Yes! First login to LivReady using your current password. Then click on the Settings button and then "Change My Password". You will be prompted to change your password. Important: Any of your LivReady backups are secured with the password you were using when you backed up those files. You will not be able to restore those backups if you are currently using a different password than when your backups were created.

Can I access my LivReady files from an iPhone or Android smartphone?

Yes! We have an APP available for both iPhone / iPad devices and Android devices. Just use the APP store on your particular device and search for LivReady.

What if I lose my LivReady USB device or it becomes inoperative?

If your LivReady device is lost or becomes inoperative you will need to purchase a new one. You can then restore the data from your backup file (so be sure to back up your information!

You may have acquired LivReady simply as a download of the installation file. In that case you received a "Purchase Code". That Purchase Code can be used just once... you will not be able to install LivReady on a new device and use that Purchase Code again.

Don't worry about someone accessing your information on the lost card - it's virtually impossible with the password encryption technology we use.

When I insert into a USB port, nothing is displayed.

You need to launch the LivReady program to start. Simply look on your USB for LivReady.exe and launch it.

How can I transfer all content onto a new card, and does that require setting a new password?

You can easily copy your information contained on one LivReady device to another using the Backup & Restore selections. Here are the steps:

  1. Using your device with the data you want to copy, insert it into your computer, login and backup to your computer.
  2. Log off, remove the device.
  3. Insert the new LivReady device. If you have not activated it or specified a password then do so now. Note! Use the same password as for the device with the data you are copying.
  4. Login to your new LivReady device and select to Restore information. You will be provided with a list of your backup files on that computer and should select the one with the most recent date & time.

Can I save my information onto my computer and access with same password?

Yes! LivReady can also be purchased for installation onto a computer. This is a separate purchase... you cannot use the same Purchase Code for a USB device and a computer.

Can I print the content of the card to save someplace else?

Yes, click print and you will be offered a number of options for what to print.

Can I scan photos and other documents and put them on the card?

Absolutely! They are stored in the same highly secure manner as the rest of your information. There are three locations where you can add files and perform scans:

  1. For any form look to the right of the form's name for a small icon: Folder icon Click it to access the file import and scanner control window and add files or scans to that form. At the bottom of each folder there is a subfolder named "Imported Files & Scans" that you can use.
  2. We have a specific folder named File Vault

How much information can a USB device hold?

When you purchase a wallet USB card or keychain USB from LivReady it is most likely 4GB minimum in size. If you are not adding files or scans to your LivReady device then we can guarantee your card won't run out of room. The more files & scans you store the more capacity will be taken, but in all of our tests we never got to even 50% full. LivReady displays the amount of available space on the USB device in the lower-left corner of the program. So the good news is that there will be plenty of room left over on your LivReady device to put lots of other files you want on it... using it just like any other USB memory device!

How can emergency personnel get my medical information such as medical issues, doctors, insurance, etc?

When you launch LivReady the first thing you see is your "My 911 Info" information. So just plug in your USB and launch LivReady!

If your computer cannot run LivReady for some reason then simply open the file named "MY911INFO.TXT" that is on the USB device.

You can also print a handy "wallet card" directly from LivReady! This is available under the Print button.

To see your information from the web just go to and click select "SIGN IN TO ACCESS YOUR SECURE INFORMATION" in the upper-right side of the page.

To see your information from a smartphone you will need to acquire our SmartPhone APP (for Apple or Android Devices) and login.

What if I need assistance?

Hopefully with the extremely simple design of LivReady and the documentation provided you won't need any direct help from our staff. But if you do, send an email to No direct telephone support is available, so be extremely clear and detailed in your email description of your question! We will respond within 24 hours but usually sooner.

Will there be updates with additional features?

From time-to-time we will provide new features and improvements. LivReady has a built in automatic updating system that used the Internet to connect to our servers. When you launch LivReady it will check for an update if there is an internet connection. If there is you will be asked to confirm that you would like it installed.